Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Quest, I Forsee

Well, here I am. A 19-year old. Recently became an Atheist, by the way. While it may seem odd that an atheist would have a username containing "Savior", it's simply a nod to an anime I watch. ;D

Anywho, I've been quite saddened at the state of the world and humanity itself for quite some time now. While to those of us who exist within our little bubble of peace (in major countries, namely), all is [seemingly] well. But I see things differently. There's just so much hatred and conflict. Some of these have names like 'bullying', 'gossiping' and 'cyber-bullying' and the like. However, the general attitude, ignorance and behavior I've seen between people is quite repulsive.

And I've wanted to do something about all of this hatred and pain, but I've no clue what must be done. What do I know about this world in which I've lived so little in? So it really became my dream above all others to seek such an answer. Is a peace between humans possible? Could we ever overcome our differences and live in true harmony? Such questions I've actually asked a few random people about, and the general response has been that duch a thing is impossible and my time is better spent doing something else. But I recall someone (wisely) telling me that "the only sure-fire way for something to be out of the realm of possibility is to never truly attempt it", and I believe that to be true. So I'll keep on searching for an answer and hoping that perhaps one day our world could get on a track towards that supposedly impossible goal. But I need your help, and your thoughts.....................................


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  1. Glad to have you aboard the infidel train.